About Us

Bluewaterboats.org, though in its infancy, is a long term project to build a living encyclopedia of offshore sailboats for the sailing community. The articles seen here have been written by the community as well as the editorial team, who tend to concentrate on time tested sailboats with rich histories, but this is not a rule. We invite you to support this project.

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The articles on each respective sailboat are among the top ranked pages on Google, so consider us to list your sailboat for sale. Proceeds help the site to be further developed and for more articles to be written.

Write an article, support the project!

Please send your article to editor@bluewaterboats.org for consideration. Please note articles published on Bluewaterboats.org are considered living content which will be kept up to date over time. By submitting an article you license Bluewaterboats.org the right to edit and publish the content and its derivative works both digitally and in print.

Articles should cover as much of the following details as possible:

  • Summary of the boat in a nutshell
  • History
  • Details about the design
  • Layout and build quality
  • Sailing characteristics

A good length is around 500 words or more.

How it all began…

Like many projects, it started humbly without any grand ideas. It was kicked off by Will one summer while he was procrastinating on his sailboat when he really should have been doing some boat maintenance. Instead, finding there was no article on the web covering his boat, he wrote an article and put it online. This was followed by a few more of boats that interested him. Before long others joined in and the early makings of the website as a repository of information on offshore cruisers began to take shape.

Contact Us

The best way to talk to us is on the Bluewaterboats Facebook Page, drop us a wall post or private message and we’ll get back to you promptly.