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Bayfield 36 Lines and Sail Plan

The Bayfield 36 is a Canadian built, full keeled cruiser with traditional teak styling designed by Hayden Gozzard. Production started in 1985 and ran until the factory in Clinton, Ontario burned down in 1988. She is a unique combination of new and old thinking with her clipper bow, trailboards, and teak combings combined with an aluminium toerail and beamy interior. This is a “big” 36-footer, and owners love her as much for her good looks as for her amazingly spacious accommodations. Performance-wise she will not win you any races but when in a blow you will enjoy her heavy displacement, full keeled underbody. Handholds are wherever you need them.

The construction is solid glass with molded inserts to create the interior substructure while the deck is balsa cored. Chainplates tie into bulkheads or special stubs tied into the hull. The mast is keel stepped while the internal ballast is 6,500 pounds of lead. The fuel tankage is aluminium with 45 gallons capacity while the water and holding tanks are plastic. Her accommodations include two cabins, a head with tub, and spacious salon. Some versions have a fixed salon table while others have a table that folds down from the main bulkhead. Here is where the Bayfield shines with the spaciousness of a much larger yacht. In fact it is mystery how they packed the proverbial 10 pounds in 1 pound sack. Her engine was a Yanmar 4 JHE 44 HP which is still in many. Access is beneath the companionway and through the starboard cockpit bench.


LOA: 41′ 3″
LOD: 36″ 0″
LWL: 30′ 6″
Beam: 12′ 0″
Draft: 5′ 9″
Bridge Clearance: 49′
Displacement: 18,500 lbs.
Ballast: 6,500 lbs. (lead)
Sail Area: 738 sq.ft.
Year Introduced: 1985
Year Ended: 1988
Designer: Hayden Gozzard
Builder: Bayfied Boat Yard, Ltd.

Buyers Notes

The aluminium fuel tank is prone to corrosion. It sits just forward the companionway inserts deep into the bilge. The original stove used butane gas which is difficult to find and refill in the USA. Originally specifications listed 4′ 11″ as the draft. Actual drafts are around 5′ 9″ due to overbuilding and cruising weight. Exterior storage is limited with no lazzarettes or anchor locker.

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5 thoughts on “Bayfield 36”

  1. Ursula says:

    The buyers notes mention no anchor locker. I have never seen a Bayfield 36 without a factory one, although they may exist. Factory tankage also varied, with our boat having an 80 gallon fuel tank when built. We sit a little high on our 5’6″ waterline with comfortable cruising stores aboard.

  2. Rolly says:

    There’s a 4′ difference between the 36 and 40 as the names signifies LOD. Below are the specs for the Bayfield 40:

    LOA 46.5′
    LOD 40′
    LWL 30.5′
    Draft 5′
    Ballast 8,000 lbs
    Displ. 21,000 lbs
    SA 1,009 sq. ft.

  3. fabrizio ladi says:

    Hello, does anyone know if is there a difference in the hull length between the Bayfield Cutter and the Bayfield Ketch rig? thanks

  4. Sean says:

    Thanks for your posting. I’ve been eyeing the Bayfield 36 as a possible liveaboard and long term cruising boat for a while now. Impressed with the interior layout and what looks to be a manageable rig for singlehanded sailing.

  5. David Beaupre says:

    My wife and I purchased a Bayfield 36 in the fall of 1999. I spent eight hours a day for 3 years lovingly restoring ‘Quest’ piece by piece in my backyard. When the extensive retrofit was over we pushed off the dock and sailed to the Caribbean. For five years we explored the Caribbean from the Bahamas to South America. We had the adventure of a lifetime. With your indulgence I would like everyone to know that our experience of buying Quest, restoring her and sailing away has been published in autobiographical form under the title ‘Quest and Crew’. It is available in ebook and paperback from Amazon. The book also has a companion website where you can see plenty of pictures of Quest and the many places we visited. Long live the Bayfield 36.

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