Australian naval architect Joe Adams made his mark as early as the 1970s with yacht designs ahead of the times. He believed cruising boats should be able to perform and especially to have performance to windward, not just off the wind cruising attributes. Many of his designs are narrow and long boats with displacements of much smaller vessels. His designs are well known in Australia.

Designs by Joe Adam

Adams 8 Metre
Adams 10 Metre
Adams 10.6 Metre
Adams 11.9 Metre
Adams 12
Adams 13 Metre
Adams 15.2 Metre
Adams 16.4 Metre
Adams 21 (1977)
Adams 28
Adams 31
Adams 33
Adams 35
Mottle 33
Adams Traditional 36
Adams 40
Adams 42
Adams 30 (motor-sailor)
Adams 36 (motor-sailor)
Adams 40
Adams 45
Adams Offshore 350
Naut 40
Zeston 36 (motor-sailor)
Zeston 40 (motor-sailor)