Endeavour 43 Sail Plan The Endeavour 43 comes from the first generation of sailboats from Endeavour Yachts, a yard that built its early reputation around simple, straight forward shoal draft designs with big volume accommodation and mediocre sailing performance. True to that formula, the Endeavour 43 was penned by Robert Johnson as a heavy displacement center-cockpit cruiser with large comfortable living quarters and a shoal draft optimized for Florida sailing. The boat was first introduced in 1978, offered in both ketch and cutter rig options, and had a production run that lasted to 1984.

Owners tend to rave about their comfortable well styled accommodations with healthy 6′ 7″ of headroom. The boat can accommodate at least 6 between its forward and aft staterooms and settee berths in the generously sized saloon. The aft stateroom is a particular favorite. Saying the boat has ample stowage is probably an understatement.

With a 33,000 pound displacement, comfortable motion is a given and the ride is very dry. Unfortunately the rest of her on-the-water capabilities do not match her dockside competencies. Windward performance is poor due to a shoal draft keel, she has enough weather helm to make self-steering a problem, and off the wind in following seas her large stern tends to get pushed around a bit.


LOA: 43′ 0″
LWL: 35′ 0″
Beam: 14′ 0″
Draft: 5′ 6″
Displacement: 33,000 lbs.
Ballast: 12,000 lbs.
Sail Area: 900 sq.ft.

Headroom: 6′ 7″
Water: 200 US Gal.
Fuel: 175 US Gal
Engine: Perkins 4-154 Diesel

Designer: Robert Johnson
Builder: Endeavour Yacht Corp. (USA)
Year Introduced: 1978
Year Ended: 1984

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16 thoughts on “Endeavour 43”

  1. columbinegirl says:

    Hello, my husband and I have a 1978 Endeavour 43’ and have owned her and lived aboard full time in Sausalito, CA for past 32 years, since purchase in July 1986. As we are aging & rarely sail any longer, we are considering moving back on land. Once the dream of a long distance cruise or chartering, but life has gotten in the way with many diversions. Anyone interested can contact me at: ghjams@ aol.com. She’s a beautiful, solid ketch-rigged cruiser, in need of some cosmetic work, but mechanically well-maintained.

  2. Harry Hoeltje says:

    I’m looking for the spec,s or a photo of a transom swim ladder for a Endevour 43 Ketch , any help would be appreciated

  3. P.W. says:

    We are new owners of a 1980 Endeavoer 43. We love this boat, she sails beautifully! We have many repairs to do on her and are trying to find schematics and design layout plans. Anyone know where we can find these?

    1. Gordon Scott says:

      For the Endeavour 43 owner looking for specifications, I have the owners manual and electrical layouts in pdf if you are still interested. Original documents scanned. They came with our boat.

    2. Tom says:

      We’re working on the purchase of an Endeavour 43 and I’d love to have those PDF’s. I can even host them on my site for other owners.

    3. David Cunningham says:

      We just purchased a 1979 Endeavor 43 Ketch. It came with the original owners manual and drawings. If you still need them, contact me. I have scanned the manual and 2 page schematics, but need access to large format scanner for the larger drawings.

    4. Jack Porter says:

      My name is Jack and I also have a 43″ and would love to have a copy if you still have it. panamajack71@yahoo.com.

  4. Ed Redmond says:

    Thank you
    I just purchased an Endeavor 40, Cutter/Ketch
    Can’t wait to sail her.

    1. David Burford says:

      Hey I just bought that boat.

  5. Don Howrilka says:

    Hi !
    I cannot seem to locate the publisher of the mentioned
    book “around the next bend”. About the adventures of a
    43 Endeavor. I would definitely like to read it.

    Don Howrilka

  6. Stephen Farmer says:

    My wife and I are in the early stages of formulating our round the globe adventure and would like to start a dialog with you on the subject at hand

    Thanks for your time ! !

    Steve & Ellanna Farmer

  7. Guest says:

    My wife and I have cruised our endeavour 43 for the lat 17 years from the Atlantic, Sth America to Australia where she now is. The boat does not get pushed about (as in your article) as she lifts to all seas and flows off the wind with a pleasant motion. and I recall easily winning in 20 miles bash to windward against 4 other cruising boats of similar size.(to their amazement)  Ours is 41,000 lb due to 17 years of junk. In appalling weather we have never had worries and the boat heaved to pleasantly for a few days. We have a hard top and live in our dry ‘sunroom’ in all weather.See my book ‘Around the next bend’ to see some of the strengths of the ’43. At over 70 yrs we have little strength so one electric winch with 17 lines going to it is fitted and we have no need to exit the cockpit except for spinnaker work which I have simplified by putting the pole in place before we leave port.  Even when floating on her beam ends with the mast in the water she waited patiently for the electric winch to roll the genoa and main and continued on the small staysail ’till conditions improved. If we lost her we would be back in the USA to get another even at our age.

    1. Rayheitzman says:

      Thank you for the info. We are making an offer on one in fantastic shape.

    2. David Burford says:

      I just bought Australia 31 as a wreck. Id appreciate any feedback.

    3. Roger Vianna says:

      Dear friend I’m in the market for Endevour 43, I love your story and if you are ready to sell your boat let
      Me know.

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