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Hallberg-Rassy 31 Monsun Sailplan Launched in 1974 the Hallberg-Rassy 31 Monsun is a no-nonsense offshore cruiser with excellent build quality and sturdy enough for the needs of any long distance sailor. The boat is blessed with good accommodation, a secure feel, and eye-catching lines. These all had a parts to play in her notable success as the all time best seller for the prestigious Hallberg-Rassy brand.

Performance is mediocre due to her relatively heavy displacement, she does not point very high in light winds but this is not the reason sailors buy the Monsun 31. It’s her stability in the water that inspires confidence in offshore conditions – she gives an almost leisurely feel, and it’s this that’s earned her an excellent reputation among sailors.

Overall this 31-footer from the 1970s is sought after and this is reflected in her high price. You’ll find few owners looking to sell their boat.


The Monsun 31 bares the distinction as the first all-new design from the Hallberg-Rassy yard after the merger of the Rassy and Hallberg boatyards in 1972 that formed the company name. The new company came into existence when German expatriate Christophe Rassy bought the competing and well-respected Hallberg yard when it was time for its founder, Harry Hallberg, to retire.

At the time, Rassy was successfully building his Rasmus 35, a sturdy centre-cockpit cruiser, while Hallberg was producing four boats ranging from 24 to 33 feet. Of particular trouble was Hallberg’s Mistress 32, a very racing oriented design that competed successfully in the IOR half ton class. She was in full production and was at boat that was both expensive to build and sold relatively cheaply – this was terrible business and Hallberg-Rassy needed something new.

Rassy approached Olle Enderlein to draw up a boat similar to the Rasmus 35 but smaller and sleeker. The new boat had to have an interior that appealed to couples and for that it was important to have levels of comfort. Enderlein based the layout of the new interior on the Mistress but was much simpler, more streamlined and straightforward to produce and therefore affordable.

Production started in 1974 and a total of 904 boats were built until production ceased in 1982 when the boat was superseded by the Hallberg-Rassy 312 (launched in 1979).


LOA: 30′ 9″
LWL: 24′ 8″
Beam: 9’ 5″
Draft: 4′ 7″
Displacement: 9,250 lbs.
Ballast: 4,200 lbs.
Sail Area: 430 sq. ft.

Water: 43 US Gal.
Fuel: 32 US Gal.
Engine: 23hp Volvo Penta MD11C

Designer: Olle Enderlein
Builder: Hallberg-Rassy
Year Introduced: 1974
Year Ended: 1982
Total Built: 904

Also Known As: Monsun 31

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Links, References and Further Reading

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4 thoughts on “Hallberg-Rassy 31 Monsun”

  1. Anders says:

    I guess “mediocre” in the sense of “average” is a fair desription when referring to speed and how high she points. Still, the Swede Kurt Björklund did three and a half solo circumnavigations in his Monsun ‘Golden Lady’, starting when 59 and aborted the fourth loop when he was 73.

  2. Capt Ron says:

    I take issue with the performance description above. The boat sails much better than “mediocre” — she earns a PHRF of 190, not too shabby for a dedicated cruiser with a 24-foot waterline. Her displacement of 9200# likewise is moderate, not “heavy” (has a D/L ratio of about 300 if memory serves). A J/30 may trounce her around the buoys, but in a race across, say, the Atlantic, you’d want to put your money on the Monsun.

  3. Johannes Knulst says:

    Since 2012 there are both a Hallberg Rassy 31 Monsun Registry and a Monsun Forum online. See my website listed above for the Registry now containing ca 400 boats, and the link to the Monsun Forum.

    With kind regards
    owner of Monsun number 791 Isabell

    1. Ricard says:


      Can you tell me because in Spain they made a nice 31 footer called a Sirocco 31 mk 2 and I wanted a HR Monsun but can buy one of these beautiful boats in Spain for a third the price and the one I saw is very nice looking. Please give a meaning for me. Also, please, what is cruising speed under normal conditions for the Monsun. Is it really only 5knots.

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