Pacific Seacraft 34


Line drawing of the Pacific Seacraft 34 sailboat

The Pacific Seacraft 34 could be considered the encore act to a very successful Pacific Seacraft Crealock 37. Back in 1980, when Pacific Seacraft had freshly acquired the molds of the Crealock 37 from Cruising Consultants and continued its steady production, the company approached designer Bill Crealock to work on a smaller sibling. This new design became known as the Pacific Seacraft 34 ("Voyagemaker") and it was introduced in 1984. Incidentally, this was the start of a long and very successful association between Pacific Seacraft and Bill Crealock.

It's not surprising then that the boats share similar graceful lines and appearance. As with the 37, the 34 is focused on safety and comfort. Overall a tough boat with a seakindly nature very well suited for blue-water passage making for couples.


The Pacific Seacraft 34 has relatively large overhanging bow, a handsome sheer line, which ends with a traditional canoe stern. Under the waterline is a relatively long cruising fin keel with a very handy draft of 4'11 in standard trim that will get you into places that other boats wont (there's also an option of a "very" shoal draft 4'1" option). The rudder is skeg-hung.

The rig is of cutter configuration, all control lines are feed back into the safety of the cockpit. The cockpit is small, which some would say is a traditional blue-water design feature to advert the risk of pooping (flooding from a following sea), hence don't be surprised if it gets cramped quickly as the people count climbs.

Inside, there is 6'4" of headroom, a comfortably sized galley, and an interior that is well laid out for liveaboard. There are berths for up to five, two in the V, two in the saloon settees, and a single seagoing quarter berth which doubles as a seat for the nav table.

Under Sail

Sailing performance is spritely, when taking into account its relatively heavy displacement. The boat is well balanced and is capable of good upwind performance. As with all Pacific Seacraft boats, motion is seakindly, though there is some amount of hobby-horsing to windward due to the overhangs.


The hull is very solid GRP with the outer layer being in vinylester resin to resist osmotic blistering. The deck is cored with end grain balsa. The hull/deck join is above deck. The ballast is lead and externally bolted on. The interior pan runs the full length of the boat. Overall the workmanship is of a very high standard.


LOA: 34' 1"
LWL: 26' 2"
Beam: 10' 0"
Draft, Standard: 4' 11"
Draft, Shoal: 4' 1"
Displacement: 13,200 lbs.
Ballast: 4,800 lbs.
Sail Area: 534 sq.ft.
Bridge Clearance: 44' 3"
Headroom: 6' 4"
Engine: 40hp Yanmar
Designer: William I. B. Crealock
Year Introduced: 1984

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