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Tashiba 31 Sail Plan The Tashiba 31, designed alongside her larger 36 foot sibling, represents the last of Bob Perry’s full-keeled production double-enders. Though outwardly compact, the interior is spacious with a luxurious finish that’s been a hallmark of the Taiwanese builder, Ta Shing.

Ta Shing commissioned Perry for the design of the boat and launched it in 1986. That year marked nearly a decade since the Taiwanese boatyard started a rise to prominence with the release of the popular and closely related Baba 30 double-ender (also Perry designed). It’s interesting to note despite the years that span the two designs the Baba 30 and the Tashiba 31 are mistaken to be variations on the same boat.

Make no mistakes however, the lighter and faster Tashiba 31 is wholly a different animal under scrutiny. Her hull form is a derivative of the Baba 40. Perry tells us the Baba 40 was a radical departure to his previous full keelers, the 40 was really a full-keeled evolution of the famously fast fin-keeled Valiant 40. It proved to be such a success in terms of performance and handling that Perry took the elements that worked and pushed them further. The leading edge of the keel was moved further aft, turn of the bilge got even firmer and the bow entry became finer.

In his book Yacht Design by Perry he reflects, “I think the Tashiba 31 and 36 mark the best boats I ever designed with modified full keels. The boats were fast, close-winded, stiff, and well balanced. I constantly got calls from owners telling me how they had “beat” a local contemporary design.”

Tashiba 31 Layout Options The Tashiba 31 can be found in three variations. Two aft cockpit versions were offered; one with a seagoing quarter-berth (most popular) and another that had a forward stateroom and the head located aft (we’ve yet to see any of these). There was also a pilothouse version, something that’s unusual to see in a boat of this length, of which only two were built. All told, they did not sell as well as expected, at last count we found 26 boats listed in the owners registry (kindly put together by Alan Sugarman of the Baba / Panda / Tashiba owners group).

These boats (like all boats from the Ta Shing of that era) have garnered a loyal following. The build quality is exceptional and you’ll find most are in very good condition being well maintained by their owners.


LOA: 35′ 4″
LOD: 30′ 9″
LWL: 25′ 10″
Beam: 10′ 8″
Draft, Standard: 5′ 0″
Draft, Shoal: 4′ 6″
Displacement: 13,790 lbs.
Ballast, Standard: 4,705 lbs.
Ballast, Pilothouse: 4,100 lbs.
Sail Area: 550 sq.ft.

Engine: Yanmar 3GM30F (27hp)
Fuel: 35 US. Gal.
Water: 90 US. Gal

Designer: Robert H. Perry
Builder: Ta Shing Yacht Building Co., Taiwan
Year Introduced: 1986
Year Ended: 1988
Total Built: 26

Also Known As: Tashiba 31PH, Ta Shing 31, Ta Shing 31PH

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Links, References and Further Reading

» Yacht Design According to Perry, by Robert H. Perry (p97-p98)
» Baba, Panda, Tashiba sailboat Yahoo Group, information and owner discussions


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8 thoughts on “Tashiba 31”

  1. Alison Mazon says:

    Do you know what the deck and cabin top core is? Many thanks! Alison

  2. Steve says:

    I’ve just started a owners website for the Tashiba 31.
    I own hull #3.

  3. Skip Sell says:

    I would love to see pictures of her.

  4. Kenn says:

    Although the Tashiba 31 posting is 18 months old as of this writing (Oct, 2012), I am writing to say that we recently acquired an aft head Tashiba 31. If pictures etc. are desired, let me know.

    1. Kristina says:

      Did you buy Heart of An Angel Kenn? I found absolutely fell in love with that boat promptly after an offer on her was made. Do you love her? Where is she now? Thinking of selling 😉

    2. Kenn says:

      The boat is now in Seattle, and renamed Celladora. Extensive work has been done to make her seaworthy again.
      New prop, shaft, thru hulls, heating systems, canvas, varnish, etc.

    3. Kristina says:

      Celladora! Beautiful… Sounds like a labour of love, I hope she’s everything you hoped she’d be. We’re next door in Vancouver and seriously if you are ever thinking of selling her, please contact us! Kbaerg at ymail dot com

      I hope we get to see her and meet you out there someday!

    4. Kelly McClain says:

      Hi Kristina,

      I was looking to see what Tashiba 31’s are listed for because I am getting ready to sell mine. I ran across your e-mails with Kenn mentioning how you fell in love with Heart of an Angel. Tashiba’s are the type of boat you fall in love with – everyone at our port comments on how beautiful our Oriana is.
      I would be happy to send pictures and information on Oriana if you are still interested in owning a Tashiba 31. I live in Brookings, OR and can be reached at 541-254-0339 or at


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